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  • Restore and Maintain Balance

  • Decrease Restlessness

  • Soothe Pets Who are Moody or on Edge

  • Promote Focused Energy

  • Support Increased Mobility

  • Provide Powerful Antioxidants


Receptra Pet contains 500mg CBD per ml.  Designed for smaller dogs.  Available in 5 and 30 ml bottles.

Receptra Plus contains 750mg CBD per ml.  Designed for larger dogs, or those who do not wish to purchase as often.

* Receptra Naturals Pet and Pet Plus contains less than 0.3% THC.  Those who are drug tested at work should wear gloves when handling.

   I had the chance to try your product on Abby.  Abby is 10 years old and was surrendered to the shelter by her owner who could no longer provide care for her. 

  Abby had severe fleabite dermatitis causing her to scratch and cry, whimpering for hours on end.  The foster was at her wits end after just 4 hours of this. 

  I thought this might be the perfect time and situation to test your Receptra.  I gave Abby 1/2 dropper orally and within 20 minutes, the whimpering stopped, she was able to eat, and her constant scratching slowed down considerably. 

  We've been using Receptra regularly now and she is starting to gain weight.

                                                     -Sandi S. Foster Co-odinator


Both human and pet products sold through this site provide a 20% donation to Partners-4-Paws.  We also receive products to use for our dogs undergoing heartworm treatment.  

*Receptra Naturals for human use contains 0.0% THC