What does it cost?

Heartworm test kit         range $2.50 - $4.50 each

Ivermectin (preventative): 

  (based on dog weight)   Up to 25 lbs $2.50 each

                                              26 to 50 lbs   $2.66 each

                                              51 to 100lbs   $3.16 each 


Heartworm Treatment Package* (based on weight) 

  •             Up to 20 lbs                             $225.00

  •              21 to 40 lbs                             $325.00

  •              41 to 60 lbs                            $425.00

  •              61 to 100+ lbs                        $495.00

* Heartworm treatment package includes exam, confirmation test, doxycycline tablets, blood work, sedation medications prior to each injection, pain medications after each injection, anti-inflammatory medications after each injection, 3 melarsomine injections
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How you can help

Testing, purchasing preventative medications and providing treatment  costs money.  We need your support and donations to reach our goals of :

  • Testing EVERY dog that comes into our care.

  • Providing preventative medications to the dogs who test negative.

  • Starting puppies on preventative when they reach 8 weeks of age.

  • Starting kittens on preventative at 8 weeks of age.

  • Providing treatment to every dog who tests positive for heartworm disease.

Partners-4-Paws will gladly accept donations of Heartgard, Nugard, Iverheart Plus, Sentinal, Advantage II, Revolution Plus (cats) and Centragard (cats). Contact us for drop-off or pick up  (used for our rescue animals under direction of a veterinarian).