Bayou Animal Services formed in 2015 by the towns of Dickinson, Santa Fe, and Clear Lake Shore to provide animal control for this area.  They started with a small budget, but thanks to Sarah Haywood, who took charge during and after Hurricane Harvey, the little shelter has thrived.

BAS takes in around 1,500+ animals annually and has a very restricted euthanasia policy (Illness, injury, severe behavioral issues).

It's a daily struggle when your food budget is only $600/year.  That's right PER YEAR.  

This little shelter was featured by Petco foundation and received a $10,000 grant.  Later they received a $500,000 grant for help after the hurricane. With that grant, they are building a new shelter with an anticipated opening in the fall of 2019

Bayou Animal Services is managed by the very capable and energetic Sarah Haywood.  Sarah is just as excited as we are by this partnering.  Together we can accomplish so much!

Bayou Animal Services

3120 Deats Rd.

Dickinson, TX 77539


Sarah Haywood-

Shelter Manger

Sarah Haywood
Bayou Animal Services
Shelter Manager