PARTNERS-4-PAWS offers cats of all ages for adoption ranging from kittens to those who've had the benefit of many years being the 'purrfect pet.

Kittens can be adopted out at 8 - 10 weeks of age to experienced cat owners. Kittens from 10 weeks to 5 months can be adopted to those who may not have had the experience of having a cat in the home but have always wanted one.

Your adoption counselor may even recommend adopting

We have adult cats of all ages, and while they may not be as comical to watch as kittens, they offer something more, calmness and serenity that is easier to deal with for some people.

We also get senior cats, most often as surrenders when an owner has passed away or had to enter a nursing home.  Many times these seniors may have bonded over the years with another cat.  These cats are marketed as BONDED.  They do not do well when separated from each other.  Two may seem a bit much for some, but we do offer a discount to the adopter to help offset the dynamic change to the family.

Cats are $140 and kittens are $120.  Senior and 'special needs' cats are $85. The fee includes vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies), deworming, spay/neuter, combo testing (on adults) and microchipping.

We do collect a $75 deposit with the adoption of unaltered animals. This deposit is refunded to you when you send us proof you had the animal spayed/neutered.

Please remember that some cities have a limit on the number of pets you can have in your home.  If you rent, there may be breed or size restrictions placed by your landlord. You will need to provide proof of the pet policy where you live. 

Applying to adopt does not guarantee you will get the pet you are interested in. They may have already been adopted or may not be the right 'fit' for your home and family. Our counselors review applications and interview potential adopters to find the best possible home for the pet. The needs of the animal will always come first.

Just select the type of pet you are interested in and click "Apply to adopt" once you've made your choice.