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WE ARE CLOSING OUR OFFICE August 31st.  We will continue to provide assistance to animals from our homes.

Our president is retiring, costs are going up (including rent), and adoption rates are dropping to 2/3 of what they were this time last year. Because of this, we find it financially irresponsible to continue to pay rent and utilities when no one is manning the office. We started this organization working from our homes and were very successful. We will do it again.

    We will still offer assistance with paying for heartworm treatments, continue offering beautiful animals, and when things stabilize and we can recruit more fosters, we will resume taking in animals in need.


  We do have 2 beautiful urgent needs.  Latte and Rascal have been living here at the office these past few months and we need to get them into a home. It can be a foster situation, or best yet, an adoption.

  Latte is about 2 1/2 years old and is a smooth coat collie mix. She is fully vetted and is house and crate trained. She loves to roll in the grass, plays well with other dogs, and will talk to you in sweet vocalizations  Her favorite place here at the office is lying under my desk to keep me company. Latte is very slightly heartworm positive and that made her a candidate for the "Moxi-Doxy" treatment.  She will come with all the doses of Moxi to complete her treatment. In an attempt to get her placed rapidly, we are offering a special discounted adoption fee for her. Latte cannot be in a home with cats.

  Rascal is an 11 months old Black Mouth Cur/Carolina Dog mix. He is adorable and playful.  He gets along great with other dogs, and children, He has never met a person he doesn't like. So why is he still here?

  Rascal is fully vetted, heartworm negative, and house and crate trained. He really gets excited when it's his turn to go out

  He absolutely loves chew toys and treats. He has been taught some basic commands. He is also being offered at a reduced rate, and we will include 1 year of heartworm prevention for him.

  Please consider either fostering or adopting (preferred) either of these dogs or even both, as they love to play together.  They need to be placed no later than Friday, August 26 so we don't have to release them to a shelter. We have contacted other rescue groups, but sadly they are sharing the same roadblocks that we are.

  If you have questions, please call us at 281-508-5800.

 To foster either dog:

To adopt either dog:

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